Learning Outcomes

The Master’s in Organizational Development program is designed to equip students to become leaders who integrate faith with critical and global thinking in a variety of organizational contexts. This outcome will be demonstrated through the following five program competencies.

  • Leadership – Discern and develop their own and others’ individual and team leadership strengths through the integration of study and personal reflection.
  • Conflict Resolution – Learn how to articulate and apply the knowledge, techniques and skills of conflict resolution, one of the most important and valuable skills a leader can develop.
  • Ethics – Conduct rigorous evaluation, including self-evaluation, of professional and ethical behaviors in the workplace. Learn to sort through ethical dilemmas and think carefully about the system of ethics in organizations as well as in your own life.
  • Diversity – Articulate the importance of diversity in the workplace, identify diversity in the workplace and develop strategies for welcoming diversity.
  • Training – Explore how to assess organizational training and consulting needs and utilize applied theories and skills to implement relevant training and consulting protocols.

The top 3 skills students developed while taking the program are:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Critical Thinking

What Organizational Development students are saying:

  • 100% of students surveyed have applied the skills they learned in both their personal and professional life
  • 100% of students surveyed said they would recommend ACU to a friend or colleague
  • 80% of students surveyed agree the faculty members were supportive throughout their studies
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